• At the heart of Sopocachi neighborhood
    Apartments and luxury service, without the disadvantages
  • Hotel Voted the best quality / price
    TripAdvisor 2015
  • 8 apartments with a unique design
    which can accommodate 1 to 4 people
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Our hotel is located in the neighborhood of Sopocachi, in La Paz, Bolivia. “A la Maison” is 300 meters from Plaza España, which is a quiet place and stone’s throw from downtown and 10 minutes from the Southern Zone of the city. Staying at “A la Maison” is like relaxing at home.

It offers you all the comfort of a luxury hotel; however, none of its disadvantages. We have 8 luxury individual apartments decorated with magnificent local art. Each apartment’s unique style and furniture has been decorated according to the inspiration of your host. There, you will enjoy the comfort and high quality of all services offered.

The hotel team will give you a warm welcome at the hotel. They will be at your disposal with a professionalism never experienced before, allowing you to enjoy a new conception of lodging and hostel service. Our hotel formulae are addressed to professional business people as well as to Andean tourists eager to visit La Paz and its surroundings


Phone: (591 2) 2413704

Address: Pasaje Muñoz Cornejo Nº15

Mail: contact@alamaison-lapaz.com

La Paz - Bolivia


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